Meet Monica

As a San Antonio wedding photographer, a family photographer in Austin Texas, a wife and a mother, I know these moments intimately from both the real life side and the photography side. I’ve experienced the joyful tears (and some sad ones), the laughter, the anticipation of standing on the brink of change just before jumping into something new and beautiful. It is because of my own experiences that I know the importance of not just capturing, but remembering, those moments.

things I love Maui, Hawaii

Chantel Lauren

Tropical Flowers

Family Heirlooms

Sweet Romance

Being a San Antonio wedding photographer and family portrait photographer in Austin and Corpus Christi pushes me on a daily basis to capture the special and tender fleeting moments because you will want to relive the romance of your wedding. Because graduating from high school is a milestone. Because your baby won’t smile at you like that forever (trust me, I know). Your fleeting moments are as important to me as my own, and I want to preserve them for your children and their children, and especially for you.

I am a San Antonio wedding photographer, a Starbucks aficionado, a connoisseur of vintage, a pizza fiend, and a lover of people. Invite me to capture your fleeting moments.

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